The fragments of life can be beautiful if we take the time to appreciate them and the journey we embark upon when we finally decide to alleviate them. I’m destroying the concept : No more perfectionism. One track at a time blown out of my mind into the void of words and noise with reckless emotion and devotion. Pieces of Passion, Love, Hate and Peace. I’m letting it all come out until it brings me closer to what we tend to shelter in the basement of our souls. The words we don’t say. The moments we regret. The lives that we play with and the hearts that we wreck. The dreams we invent and watch rip at the seams. The betrayal of trust for our own selfish means. Our ability to create and destroy what we love. Our tendency to let it be when enough isn’t enough. The broken lives we try to put back together. The lessons we learn rendering us clever. The promises we break, the people we deceive, the paths that we take and the people we leave. They are all little flaws often hard to express but the art of expression is a journey and a quest. Let the compass of life take you back into time; let it take you back down into the basement of your mind xo La

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