I was sentenced to life by those who obtained her power:
The minds that have aged rotten, gone rancid and sour.
With greed inflicted actions, money hungry implementations,
These bastards without a father God claim victory upon


As if their place was deemed to erase the world of famine for power.
As if the throne was placed before them, 
No, they secretly, sneakily usurp like


Hungry mouths still starve with hunger.
Small frail bare feet still bare defeat.
Barely noticeable, barely discreet,
Tricked into misery, tricked without a treat.
Freedom held tightly in the death grip of King Justice.
Taunting the innocent, promoting injustice.
In justice we believe, yet in justice they deceive.
Bloody fingerprints left behind by those left behind to


Convicting others for their behaviors: Turning victims, turning favors.
Innocence turned guilty. Condemning their neighbors.
Hate sprouts rapidly and blatantly from their deeds.
If only Truth would represent herself, regenerating her


A seed sentenced too high.
A seed sentenced to die.
A seed buried six feet under.
A a seed sentenced to


Copyright © 2004 La LEURENTOP

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