Standing tall and proud, yet weak
inside our hearts and minds we speak
against ourselves.
Under spells
 we charge a toll,
a ring-a-bell

Well, toss a dime 
down that ditch and
find a reason to pitch
and keep moving on,
explaining that song that plays when even
you have stopped.

I got lost for a second
standing up.
Standing down
I let myself get carried away.
Thinking games would not be played.
Thinking that trust acquired would last.
Thinking sharing, caring cast
would move from shadow and into sun,
would mean I no longer needed to run.

It was wishful thinking and once you know,
ain't no cushioning to soften the blow.
Still can't stop wishing that we would grow.
Still can't stop looking for proof,
in a glow.

Copyright © 2019 La LEURENTOP
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