Standing tall and proud, yet weak inside our hearts and minds we speak against ourselves. Under spells
 we charge a toll, a ring-a-bell
, pretending-to-be. Well, toss a dime 
down that ditch and find a reason to pitch and keep moving on, explaining that song that plays when even you have stopped. I got lost for [...]


Spirals, triangles, circles and squares fitting shapes into gapes, mouths wide open and stares. Our eyes meet and we blink in a moment we think about everything we never said. Everything we never read. Molding this mass, softer, so fast believing we can configure such pieces in passing is not pointless. Creation is changing, explaining [...]


To the end of the fret with one step Fingers ply the riff my mind was sellin’ me. Words pretend blend and strings bend them When I tumble upon the voice within that sends pens melodies. If tuning in was a seedless point, I’d shut the fuck up and roll a joint... But it ain’t [...]


You want me to pretend like I don’t care. Like the feelings I have just shouldn’t be there. Boxing, containing, I love without taming. Raw and uncensored, can’t hold back my failings. A whole of me is a piece of you. No matter what ladder I climb there’s the view. Beyond some precipice afar and [...]

[LIVE] @ LOVECRAFT 01.13.18

Goldie Lox Birthday Celebration @ Lovecraft in Lower Eastside, NYC. Scroll and click to check out the first live debut of new song, "Mad Hatter", the raw stripped-down acoustic version and some candid pics of the show taken by some fans! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KfAILIOUJk https://youtu.be/telOjg8Fgrc https://www.instagram.com/p/BebOWBMFiig/?hl=en&taken-by=_onefortheroad_ + BONUS PROMO by our Road Dog Vits https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd1K8WLFKk6/?hl=en&taken-by=_onefortheroad_


Carter Lou puts together an amazing night of entertainment @ The Delancey for her Golden Birthday Benefit! Every dollar raised at the door goes towards supporting her recent focus and passion :: For the Wild ! .............................................................................................................................. One for the Road performing "Workin" ! [LIVE @ The Delancey] 11.30.17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp-pYGZ8B5Y ..............................................................................................................................  Download "Workin" by One for the Road on Soundcloud


Come join One for the Road as we celebrate The September Equinox with our very first backyard Eagle Street jam and discover some sweet swag we've made just for our fans 🙂 We'll have some drinkin' and grillin' in the mix + it's shaping up to be a beautiful sunny Saturday, so bring your suit [...]


ONE FOR THE ROAD Happy to share that I played my first festival with One for the Road (Alternative-Americana Brooklyn-born band with 🌺 Cali-Texan roots 🌵)! Thanks for camping with us and checking out the good vibes at Eastbound Throwdown September 8 and 9. We rocked the acoustic stage! For tickets and more info, go to EastboundThrowdown.com. https://www.instagram.com/p/BY0v-bjB5j9/?hl=en&taken-by=_onefortheroad_


💕The New York Songwriters Circle is the most established and respected live music showcase in the country. Dating back to 1991, it is an in the round format that supports great original songs.✨ I had a blast playing at The (legendary!) Bitter End  🎸 It was such a great experience to have the chance to share a few of [...]


A prisoner smiles. Lines of determination swiftly soar. This cube with no sides. This love with no ride. Who skips beats to keep the burn in a flame? Who sells blood to keep the fight in a game? Show me where the line can go… Survival. He must be dared. A pupil in an I [...]


On November 14th, 2009 *11h00-00h30* I did an on-air live acoustic performance on Radio Panik 105.4FM - and gave a sneak peak into my world of sounds. Hear my selection of originals and influentials. Part I Part II  The Complex Days happen on the street, radio, and the web.


JUST US members La Leurentop & Tremaine "The Light Worker" Maurice, acoustic-freestyling a completely improvised song about living your life in your own right while standing up for what you believe in, even in the face of disapproval - post-titled Who Are You? @ Crib5G - Brooklyn, New York © 2012 - Words Create Awareness


Music video by Melissa Laveaux performing Postman. (C) 2013 NØ FØRMAT! Directed by Terence Nance, produit par MVMT. Additional footage by Emma Pick. (P) 2013 NØ FØRMAT! **Off new album « Dying Is A Wild Night »**


I was sentenced to life by those who obtained her power: The minds that have aged rotten, gone rancid and sour. With greed inflicted actions, money hungry implementations, These bastards without a father God claim victory upon NATIONS. As if their place was deemed to erase the world of famine for power. As if the [...]


Download MP3 HERE I used to know a little girl her name was Mary She was so beautiful, she was so honest with every word she said It was always goin' round inside my head I can't let go of how beautiful she was I could see there was faith inside humanity somehow Who we [...]


JUST US members La Leurentop & Tremaine "The Light Worker" Maurice, acoustic-freestying a completely improvised song about the struggle for time in relationships, post-titled Time to Myself @ Casa Infantas - Madrid, Spain © 2012 - Words Create Awareness


This low beam flies high Searching for news in the skies. The answers drown Only to come back around through the glow of simplicity sticks and Downtown vintage tricks and She'll remain rain with drops of blame to entertain that Lack and you know how hard the mother fought to bring that flower back. Seeds [...]